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Surf Holidays - enjoy up to 30% discount

Surf Holidays to Maldives
Surf Cruise with special discounts for groups.  Enjoy up to 30% discount for this season. The surf season coincides with the south-west monsoon and runs from mid February to November when the best swells are generated by winter low pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean. March and April provide a combination of excellent surfing and weather conditions.

Discounts on dive cruises!

Maldives Dive Holidays
The best way to see the Dive Sites of the Maldives is onboard a dedicated live-aboard.  Our selected cruise yachts can take to the best kept secrets of the underwater. Maldives reefs and seas are habitat to micro organism from plankton to gentle giants such as whale sharks. As Maldives is in the tropics throughout the year you get warm water and water temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius.


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Do you know?

Maldives Travel Tips Unlike many countries you do not need prior visa. On arrival you will get 30 days free visa.
Relax in Maldives Maldives is in the tropics and has a warm climate through out the year.
Sea level rise Maldives Maldives aspires to be the first carbon neutral country on the earth.