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Maldives where to stay

There are many resorts, hotels and cruise vessels in Maldives where people can enjoy the cool fresh air and stay within an eco-friendly environment. When it comes to resort or cruise boat accommodation visitors are spoilt for choice.

In the Maldives there are about more than 93  beach resorts and more than 80 cruise boats that you can stay during your holiday or visit. There are city hotels and guest houses which cater for visitors. The categories vary from luxurious to budget accommodation.

Here at CruiseMaldives.co.uk we have selected some of the most popular resorts and cruise vessels operated by CruiseMaldives.co.uk and our partners to give our customers a good choice.
Check our cruise yachts and resorts on offer.

The resorts and cruise boats offer excursion programmes. Some of these programmes are scheduled while others can be arranged on your request. The scheduled programmes often include visits to local island villages, uninhabited island, other resorts or capital island Malé etc...